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Time is money — especially when you're relocating to a new area for work. Company relocation assistance is great, but it comes with pressure to sell your home ASAP. But that doesn't mean you'll accept any offer that comes along — you still want to sell your home for what it's worth. You need a fast, thorough appraisal to get your house on the market and selling for it's true value.

Relocation appraisals forecast the future sale price of a home. Employers relocating an employee will typically request one to help in estimating moving costs. Since most other types of appraisals estimate a property's current value, relocation appraisals require a slightly different process — appraisers account for market condition trends, past sales prices, and other factors to determine the home's future value.

Relocation appraisal services

Let St. Charles/WestPlex Appraisal Services, LLC give you an accurate valuation on your home today.

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When it comes to the speed, accuracy, and qualifications of our staff and appraisals, we've got you covered. We consider many factors in our relocation appraisals — recent sales, competing listings, the specifics of your neighborhood — so we forecast a sale price you can count on. Because we report our appraisals on the industry's standard ERC Residential Appraisal Report form, you can trust that it will be delivered in an acceptable format. And we use the latest technology to bring you the fastest, most comprehensive appraisals possible.

If you're a relocation services company in need of a local appraiser, look no further. Our professional relocation appraisal service is backed by our superior service, turn time, and knowledge of the market.

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